"Thank you so much for
making my birthday
celebration so memorable

-Jeff DiBacco


"Come to Danny's Cafe where eating memories are made"
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Danny's is a family oriented restaurant with a quaint neighborhood ambiance. Great home cooked food with old country flavors.

Now in place, new items with reasonable pricing in addition to our already award winning menu! Along with our everyday menu, we also have a separate catering menu which is available 7 days a week for pick up or delivery.

Although a new managerial team is in place, Chef ...Benito and the waitstaff are all same.

Danny's also offers at anytime a private banquet room that seats up to 45 people. Perfect for small get togethers like birthday's, shower's, luncheon's, graduation's etc..

The staff at Danny's new and old are looking forward to serving you.


Linda & Vito Scavo


“If I could, I would eat at Danny's Cafe four times a week.”(more...)
said Sun-Times Food Critic Pat Bruno, February 8, 2008 in “Italian Comfort”
"Thank you so much for making my birthday celebration so memorable" (more...)
-Jeff DiBacco

"You made me and my family feel like we were at home with Grandma.".more..."
- Camille DeLeo
"Thank you for all the little extras you included." more...
- Carol Federighi
"Danny's Cafe is a FIVE STAR." more...
- The Levinson's
"....and made all our guests feel comfortable like they were at home in their own kitchen. more...
- The Tufano Family
"Don’t miss the neckbone gravy with pasta, fried meatball sandwich and “Cubbie fries.” You
might have to wait for a table but it’s worth it.
more... said Sun-Times Food Crtic, Pat Bruno


"If I could I would eat at Danny's Cafe four times a week" said Sun-Times Food Critic Pat Bruno, February 8, 2008 in "Italian Comfort."

And on the other three days, I would definitely need to fast on water and vitamins. Seriously, the food here is so good, and the prices so reasonable, why cook or go anywhere else? It amazes me how they do it, and Danny's Cafe does it well.

This is down-home Italian cooking at its best. Even though the portions are extra large, you never know when you might need the leftovers you take home.What if your car broke down? What if you got caught in a snowstorm? What if your wife called and told you to pick up something for dinner? You're covered.

Choose from raw clams, baked clams, polenta with sausage, eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Parmesan. Pork chops Vesuvio, Giambotta. The linguine aglio e olio gets an escort of four jumbo shrimp, and this meal and-a-half is just $15.95. There's also muffaletta, Italian sub, meatball sandwich, pepper and eggs. Whew! And the eats go on, like the neckbones and pasta special on Wednesdays and Saturdays.The sides: pasta, spinach and Vesuvio potatoes (smashed or whole).

Speaking of potatoes, there's a little number named "Cubbie" cottage fries that you don't want to miss. Cartwheels of tender roasted potatoes were splashed with a Buffalo-wing sauce over which was scattered crumbles of blue cheese. Creativity meets unique flavor head on, and the results were exceptional.

The dish of all dishes at Danny's Cafe, though, is the neckbones. Pork neckbones.A rubble of meaty bones arrived on a big oval platter (actually a platter on a platter to handle the weight). Dark, mysterious, decadent. The aroma was intoxicating. The waitress brought extra napkins, wet wipes, another big dish for the picked-over bones and a bib. This was serious eating. Most of the meat fell off the bones into the sprinkling of sauce around them. It was a splendid meal until the last bone was picked clean. Scrape some bread through the sauce to get the full effect. The pasta on the side was fine, too. But, oh, dem bones.

Danny's Cafe also is the "Home of the Fried Meatball Sandwich." It's spelled out on the back of the black T-shirts worn by the waitresses (who are so good at customer care, they could double as nurses). This was not really a meatball as we know a meatball, rather a meat patty that was hand-formed (oval-shape), grilled (not fried) and tucked into a sub bun.

Wines by the glass—jug and no-jug—go no higher than $3.50. Peroni beer is just four bucks.

- Pat Bruno is a free-lance writer, criticand author. E-mail brunoeats@aol.com.

I remember one summer evening when I was a young boy growing up in a dirty, old steel town in the Ohio River Valley. I found myself wandering through the neighborhood, stealing a drink of water from a garden hose then picking grapes from Papa Joe’s grapevines when I happened upon a party in the backyard of the DiCarlo house. Continuing on wasn’t an option as I was passed around for hugs and kisses and handshakes from the entire family tree. There were lemon knot cookies and sodas and sips of Peroni and Chianti. I’ll never forget that golden summer night...

Each time I visit Danny’s Cafe, I have that feeling I had so long ago on the brick patio in the DiCarlo family’s backyard, a feeling of belonging, of family, a celebration of life!

Thank you so much for making my birthday celebrations so
memorable. I can’t wait to get back to Danny’s Cafe.

—Jeff DiBacco

I can't thank you enough for making my 65th birthday a real special day. You made me and my family feel like we were at home with Grandma DeLeo cooking in the kitchen. We are so blessed to have a place to bring the whole family! I will cherish the memories of the afternoon for a long time.

Keep making those bones sweet, tender and juicy - we will be back!

- Camille DeLeo (Ralph says "me too" thanks.)

My sisters and I would like to thank you for helping us throw a wonderful Baby Shower. Everyone raved about the food! Your staff was very accomodating to everyone. The food was delicious and the room looked very pretty. I'm sure you will get more parties because of this one. Thank you for all the little extras you included.

- Carol Federighi

Thank you for a great dinner last night. We loved everything! You made us feel as if we were inyour home and we were "Family". Can't wait to see you again. Danny's Cafe is FIVE STAR.

- The Levinson's from Northbrook! Adrian, David, Susan, Louis

We would like to personally "Thank You" for making our son Andrew's 1st Communion truly a day to remember. We can't tell youy how many compliments we have received on what a beautiful party it was. The food was fantastic, the presentation was perfect and your staff was polite, courteous and very, very helpful. They were all very impressive and made all our guests feel comfortable like they were at home in their own kitchen. What a special way to feel when you are at a restaurant!

We truly got blessed with a beautiful sunny day and sitting outside was a pleasure. You even accomodated us by putting out the tables and umbrellas and that helped us tremendously because of the size of our party.

We are party people and have many parties....We found a gem and we look forward to many more!

Keep up the good work and we will keep spreading the word about Danny's Cafe.

To Everyone at Danny's Cafe...May God bless you, health and happiness always and Thank You all so very much!

- The Tufano Family, Anthony, Deanna, Anthony Jr. Andrew & Luciano


12 months of marvelous meals
2008 filled to the brim with deliciously unique dishes and new takes on traditional favorites

It’s a wrap. The 2008 dining scene as presented in this column the past 12 months, that is.... Here is my annual “best of” list, made up solely from restaurants reviewed here over the past 12 months. If you have a hankering for a certain dish, use this as your road map and go forth and eat.

Danny’s Cafe, 1419 N. 15th Avenue, Melrose Park; (708) 343-9999.
Big open dining room, plastic tablecloths, sassy waitstaff, sizzling good food. Don’t miss the neckbone gravy with pasta, fried meatball sandwich and “Cubbie fries.” You might have to wait for a table but it’s worth it.



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